Gooseberry Fool

cooking gooseberriesTonight was night number 2 as a slave to the kitchen stove in 28 deg heat (unheard of in Brussels).  Again I stared long and hard at the bag of gooseberries.  My beloved was still working hard in Holland, the kids were again tucked up in bed, and I had some handy hints on gooseberry tactics from some die-hard pals (and closet cooks) on facebook.  So off I went. How could I possible waste another 3kgs of green home grown produce.

So yet again I produced some pink jam.  I am seriously considering covering all the pantone shades of pink via my gooseberry jam jars at the moment, as it has consistently shaded through from candy pink to a rosy glow.  But my friends urged, (partly selfishly as they don’t fancy jars and jars of gooseberry jams at our next meet ups), gooseberry ice cream and gooseberry crumble.  The ice cream is freezing as I speak, the crumble is tomorrow nights project.

I am now seriously considering throwing a gooseberry party, as tomorrow night my beloved returns with more gooseberry bags (and boxes to unpack) ………………help!

2 Responses to “Gooseberry Fool”
  1. Julie says:

    Wonderful! Keep it up! What a a wonderful outlet…

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