Why is gooseberry jam always pink?

Sat behind my computer I wonder how I am going to go forward with this blog.  It’s already past midnight, the kids are curled up in bed, and as usual I have spent way too long surfing the net instead of doing the tidying up.  Guilt will kick in later as my beloved is in Holland working his butt off getting our first holiday home ready to rent out.  While here am I, cosily contemplating what to write when I should be unpacking the ton of boxes shipped from holland to brussels in the back of the workhorse volvo. (you see, everyone else in the family is working hard – even the car).  Does my attempt at gooseberry jam count tonight? Is it worth a mention? And why does it always go pink??

These are just a few of the things that keep me awake at night………the remaining gooseberries, anyone for crumble tomorrow?

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